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Chair for My Craft Room Desk

I am still working on revamping my craft room. Today I finished the last two projects—the chair for the MCM desk, and a matching stool just for extra seating in the basement. I bought the chair at a local consignment shop and the stool at an estate auction earlier this summer.

These are so similar, I thought they would both work well in the craft room.

I began the project by removing the padded cushions for each piece. The seat of the stool came off easily. The chair proved a little more difficult. To access the screws for the seat on the chair, I had to remove the legs because the swivel mechanism obstructed the screws for the padded seat. Then I had to pry the seat off the base. It has adhered to the painted surface over time.


I have never seen so many tacks on one layer of fabric.

That is going to take a while to remove!

I cleaned both pieces and gave it a light overall sanding. Then I painted both pieces with Folk Art Black Chalk paint. It covers really well and most of the time you can get by with one coat. I did two coats on both pieces. After the paint dried, I gave both a coat of polyurethane in a satin finish.

Then I started tackling the upholstery.

There were two layers of fabric on both seats. I usually remove all the tacks and staples. It took over an hour to remove the tacks and staples on these two seats.

I was digging through my stash of remnants and found this one. I have used this fabric on two projects in the past—a MCM beautician chair and a MCM stool. I bought it JoAnn Fabric. It is still available on their web site. I had enough to cover these two projects! (And I just ordered more because it was 50% off on the web site.)

I added new padding and batting to both stools—old padding is usually disgusting so it has to go!

I stapled the new fabric in place.

Both look great!

I reattached the seats and loaded them into the craft room.

This seat is perfect for the desk. I love the fact it swivels.

I didn't really need another seat in the craft room but the stool went so well with the chair I put them both in there. I can always use extra seating in the basement when my family comes to visit.

These are the last two projects in the craft room makeover. I will be loading in all the rest of the crafting "stuff" tomorrow and then it will be complete.

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