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Cookie Cutter Decor

I love Christmas cookies! I have been doing a "cookie day" with my best friend for over 30 years. We make all kinds of cookies. Cut out sugar cookies are a staple. I also have an affinity for cookie cutters. I have a variety for pretty much any holiday. But I really love vintage cookie cutters. They were so well made and had so much detail. They work really well in Christmas decor (as well as for making Christmas treats!).

I have used cookie cutters as ornaments on several small trees in the past. You can see a few of them in this previous post.

For this Christmas decor, I started with a vintage kitchen utensil. I don't know really what it was used for, but it works perfectly as a background for this decor. I actually made a couple of these. I had a couple of these utensils in my stash and I always have a stash of cookie cutters. If someone knows what these utensils were used for, please message me and let me know!

Next, I selected a gingerbread man cookie cutter from my stash. I love the cutters with green and red handles. That makes them perfect for Christmas decor.

I used floral wire to attach the cookie cutter to the utensil.

I threaded floral wire around the handle and through the hole in the cutter. I use wire so the integrity of the pieces are not compromised. This could always be torn apart and the cookie cutter and utensil could be used for their orignal purposes.

Then I attached the floral wire to the utensil and tucked the ends of the wire inside and it is securely attached.

Then I used a piece of burlap ribbon to the handle. I twisted the wired ends of the ribbon up and away from the cutter so it wouldn't obscure the cutter.

And then it is finished!.

This decor could be used well beyond Christmas. These vintage pieces fit into any farmhouse themed kitchen decor. Even the burlap ribbon and flow from season to season.

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