Cutter Quilt Primitive Hearts

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I have used cutter quilts for several projects. Bunnies and eggs for Easter, trees and stars for Christmas, there are several ways to upcycle quilts that have seen better days. They have gone over well in my booths so I created some hearts for Valentine's Day.

I have used this quilt for several projects. It is almost completely used.

I cut several patterns out of paper, just like we did in elementary school, folding paper in half and freehand cutting hearts.

Sew the edges, leaving a small space open to add stuffing.

Add some poly fiberfill to the inside of the heart and stitch closed.

The hearts are then ready for display! The look great in this old wooden box I recently featured.

They look great individually or in a group. The more the merrier!

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