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Cutter Quilt to Cute Easter Decor

Old quilts in great shape can be very expensive at auctions. They are worth every penny. I tend to buy the less expensive ones, the really inexpensive ones, called "Cutter Quilts" meaning they are in such bad shape, no one would really care if you cut it up and repurposed it. I purchased this one a while ago.

Great vintage quilt

I had made a couple of fabric baskets from it. But it had so many holes and rough spots, it was difficult to find an undamaged patch to work with.

All this damage made it a perfect fit for my next project. I decided to make some Easter decor from this cutter quilt.

Fortunately, this quilt had a beautiful fabric on the back of the quilt as well.

I used cookie cutters as a template for my pattern. I used one at actual size, the other two were scanned and enlarged on my computer and then I printed them on regular white bond paper.

I pinned the pattern to double thickness of the quilt.

I cut both layers at the same time, removing the pattern sheet when it was fully cut. I kept the two pieces pinned together after removing the pattern.

I cut several out at a time so I can sew several at a time.

I used a zigzag top stitch around the edge of each design leaving about a two inch hole for adding poly fiberfill.

I used a small amount of poly fiberfill to stuff each design.

I closed the opening with a pin and finished it with a zigzag topstitch.

These turned out so well! I trimmed up any ragged edges and they were ready to be used for decorating or in my case, to sell them.

I made about ten pieces in little over an hour and I am by no means a master seamstress. Each one of these has a whimsical feel and fit right in with any primitive or farmhouse decor.

There are numerous ways to use these in your Easter decorating.

I had about twenty pieces I had made over a couple hours. Fortunately, I sold them all at the March Primitive Gatherings Spring Fling event. Unfortunately, that means I have none for my own Easter decor. Since they are easy to make and I still have a lot of the quilt left, I think I will whip up some more!

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