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Day one—127 Sale 2021

Day one of the 127 Sale (the World's Longest Yard Sale) is complete! At least for these tired shoppers. Three more days to go, but we are resting this evening, gearing up for new treasures tomorrow.

Today was a very relaxed day, particularly for day one. We have done this so many times, we kind of know where we like to stop and the last few years we have focused more on the single yard sales rather than the fields with multiple seller. I put a lot of treasures in the van today. I couldn't possibly share photos of them all so here are a few of my favorite from today.

This tin litho pencil/pen holder was one of my first purchases today. I had never seen one of these. It may be hand painted instead of litho, but I just love the little flowers on this orange pencil holder. It's really charming!

And speaking of tin litho, I picked up this vintage tin litho trash can at the same sale as the pencil holder. It is in really great condition. Didn't we all have these types of trash cans in our bedrooms growing up? I sure did!

This hand painted rooster plate just had to come home with me! I will probably keep this. It is about 8 inches across and had a great vintage feel to it.

We have two vans with three women in each van. As we were comparing our finds this evening, one of my fellow junkers commented on how much she enjoyed talking to the sellers today. She said Don't you think we met a lot of nice people today?" We sure did! They were so accommodating and willing to work with us on price, particularly when we making a stack of purchases. Some seemed to recall seeing us in previous years, which is always nice to hear since we seek out specific sellers year after year.

We bought three of these crock bottles today. I couldn't find the third one in our stash as I was taking photos after dinner. I believe they originally held beer or wine. I will have to research these labels when I get home. The third one is green.

Speaking of green, look at this enamel top table with hairpin legs! Swoon! You know you have to get it when your friends say the will of course help unload the van so we can get it in there! This was a great find and another great seller!

My last stop for the day yielded my most awesome finds! This particular seller had a plethora of vintage clocks. Most were no longer working, but each one was unique and had great vintage styles. I think I only left two behind. I bet there are more than a dozen in this box. Can't wait to go through them when I get home.

The same seller had a mailbox that was over a hundred years old. A 1901 Century Rural Mailbox. It is round and the outer cover rotates to reveal the container to hold the mail. This one needs to be cleaned and oiled, but it is fantastic!

These photos simply do not do it justice! I will post more photos when I get it cleaned up.

Those are my favorite finds of the day! The van is starting to fill up. We have plenty of room, but we have three more days! Yikes!

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