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Day two 127 Sale

Our goal today was to travel from Chattanooga to Crossville, Tennessee. We started just north of Chattanooga in Signal Mountain. The weather was mild and the sales were plentiful!

We stopped for a few minutes to organize the back of the van. This gave me an opportunity to take photos of some of my finds from yesterday.

I loved the lines of this antique cigar stand. It still had the copper lining.

Once we were organized, we found a few things in Signal Mountain.

This wooden cigar box has great graphic on the outside and the inside lid.

I also loved this vintage tobacco tin. I am starting to sense a theme here...

I also found these crock jars. These always sell well in my booth.

Leaving Signal Mountain, we had to visit one of my favorite places. A quaint little farm at the top of the mountain.

It is so peaceful up here and the view is outstanding!

They also have assorted wildlife they have rescued. They had baby raccoons. The cuteness just wouldn't stop!

I took multiple photos. I will spare you the bulk of them.

Wildlife was a theme today. This is the craziest thing I saw today. A true bear skin rug.

At the same stop we met this turkey...

and Tank, a 40 year old, 100 lb tortoise.

We stopped at a huge field this afternoon. I found several great things there. This Hawkeye Refrigerator basket. It is lined with metal.

I also found this red and white kitchen stool. We have decided to do our own Flea Market Flip challenge on this trip. We set a limit of $15 and the theme is "Trash to Treasure." This was my choice. I can't wait to make it pretty.

I also found this huge enamel pot. And it was half off!

At one of our last stops today, I claimed this vintage paper cutter. I also got the brass flower frog at the same sale. It started storming so we called it a day!

I have one find that I don't know what it is.

I have no idea what this little crock piece was used for. I loved the graphics so I grabbed it. If you have any ideas, please let me know!


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