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Doll High Chair Makeover

Every little girl loves her dolls! I certainly played with my fair share growing up. I love vintage doll high chairs. They are usually made of wood and have withstood the test of time over newer plastic models. Some come upholstered like this one I picked up at an auction.

The fabric on this screams 1970s. It looks pretty clean, but the fabric was pretty fragile. It would rip if you pulled it just a little. It had to go!

I stripped all of the old fabric off and cleaned the wood really well.

I found this child's apron at Goodwill. I liked the color and I love the polka dots (who doesn't?). I like to shop the fabric rack at Goodwill. You can often find items that can be repurposed.

And it was only .99 cents! And it was 50% off day! Score. Perfect for this project.

I considered painting the chair white, but the wood was so pretty and it didn't really need paint.

I removed the legs of the high chair to make it easier to reupholster.

The only trick part about reupholstering this was working around the chair handle and back posts. Simply snip a slit, fold it under and secure it to the bottom. You can add another piece of fabric under the gap if you like, but I didn't feel it was necessary here.

I reattached the legs. You can see here why it was easier to remove them when reupholstering. The fabric ended up under the leg braces.

Now it is clean and fresh and ready for a new generation!

This chair sold within a couple a weeks of putting in the shop. Long before I had a chance to post this!

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