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Favorite Projects—2021

Almost as quickly as it started, 2021 is ending. Is it just me or did that go by in the blink of an eye? I wanted to end the year with a recap of some of my favorite projects.

Piano Bench Pick Me Up

Piano benches can be found easily and they are one of the easiest projects to makeover. With this one being just $2 at a garage sale, I couldn't pass it up! See the full project here.

Proper to Primitive Porch Table

As Spring approached, brighter colors and florals are popular. This was originally a table with a built in ash tray. Now it fits right onto a porch to be festooned with flowers. See the full project here.

Cigar Stand Makeover

Picking items up from online auctions often meant things were in worse condition that I thought. That was the downside from scanning online auction sites. Fortunately, I was able to put this one back together. See the full project here.

Rocking Reupholstery

This rocking chair was screaming for a floral fabric—fortunately, I was able to find just the right one. The wood was in perfect shape so no painting needed on this one! See the full project here.

Wicker Table Gets a New Top

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know I don't mind the broken pieces. I can usually find a way to bring them back to life. This wicker table just needed a new top.

There's No Place Like Home

This wooden cutout of the state of Indiana went unsold at an estate sale. Most people would overlook it, particularly if your name didn't match the one on the board. Just a little (I mean a LOT of sanding) and it was a new piece. See the full project here.

Trunk Base Two-fer

I managed to get two projects out of the base of an old trunk. This might have been one of my all time favorites. I was thrilled with the result. See the entire project here.

Milk Painted Music Table

I played around with milk paint for the first time in 2021. I rather liked it! And I really liked the projects I did with milk paint, including this one. See the full project here.

Vintage Sledding Disc

As the year drew to a close, holiday projects started to dominate my time. I was really happy with the way this vintage sledding disc turned out. This one can be used all winter long. See the full project here.

There were many more. These were just a few of my favorites! Here's to finding new treasures in 2022!

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