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Floral Footstool Makeover

You always hear that Millennials don't like "old stuff," they only want new, disposable items. Well that isn't always the case. My friend's daughter is an old soul. She loves all things antique and vintage. She also loves revamping some of the pieces we find in our junking adventures. We were in a Goodwill store in Bloomington a couple of months ago. We found this piece.

We weren't really sure what it was in its former life. It may have been a footstool and was now missing a cushion. It may have been a magazine table. The water stains indicate it may have been used as a plant stand at some point. Whatever it was, we saw it had potential and put it in the cart. I think it was less than $5.

We removed the wooden "wings." It was easy as they were simply screwed in. They came right off after removing the screws.

The Rustoleum Chalked Chiffon Cream is a color I always have on hand. We applied two coats to the legs and bottom of the stool, distressed it a bit and sealed it with Varathane Crystal Clear Satin Polyurethane.

We had selected a floral fabric from Hobby Lobby.

We cut foam padding to fit, added two layers of batting and the floral fabric. The stool was very easy to upholster.

What a difference a little bit of imagination, paint and fabric can make! Regardless of the purpose it served in the past, it is now a cute little footstool. It could also be used as a time out stool.

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