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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I looked at this chair several times while it was sitting there at a garage sale. For some reason it was speaking to me—perhaps because it is tall and skinny—something I aspire to. I have several projects already stacked up a home, but this chair just drawing me back. So I bought it and dragged it home.

First thing that had to go was the faux red fur.

As nice as it was, it is gone now.

After a good cleaning, I painted it a cream color with Waverly Chalk Paint in the Cashew color. Then I distressed it and sealed with a coat of Rustoleum Matte Topcoat.

I debated whether to just paint a design on the seat or reupholster. I still had some of the rooster fabric so I decided to reupholster.

The seat did not come off of the base so it made the reupholstering a little more difficult than usual.

The fabric worked well on this chair. A few spot needed upholstery tacks due to the location of where the fabric stopped.

This little nook at the back of the chair made the the upholstery a challenge but these cute flower tack created a finished look.

I added a thin layer of padding to the back of the chair and used the same flower tack to secure the fabric in place.

The finished chair turned out well. It is a good example of why you should give those ugly duckling chairs a second or third look.

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