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Handkerchief Bunting

Occasionally I go through my inventory in my booths and see what is selling and what is not. The trends change so quickly, sometimes my inventory overstays its welcome and I need to move it out or find a way to make it desirable. One category that hasn't been moving at all has been handkerchiefs. As pretty as they are, no one is really buying them. I had a bunch of them in a couple of my booths.

The most they sell for is $5 and that is only if it is really special. A lot of them are in the $1 to $3 range. And they weren't even selling at that price. I took them out of my booths and was going to donate them all to a thrift store, and then I looked at Pinterest and saw handkerchief buntings! I thought I could figure out how to make them and see if they would sell.

I selected four handkerchiefs that were a similar color palette. I ironed them all so they were flat as a pancake. Some handkerchiefs have a specific design in only one corner. I use only half of that one and that becomes my center handkerchief.

Side note: I love my wool ironing pad. It really helps the fabric get a smooth finish.

I cut each one on the diagonal. I put my cutting guide so it goes edge to edge on the corners.

I use my cutting wheel to slice it along the edge of the cutting guide.

Using the iron again, I fold over the handkerchiefs as shown in the photo above. I ensure the edge is aligned at the top. After they are all cut, folded and ironed, I find the right bias tape to string them on.

The other thing needed is bias tape. You can buy it pre-folded or make your own. I pick up boxes of bias tape and other trim all the time at auctions and garage sales.

I selected a royal blue color for this bunting and cut a 72" length.

I folded it in half (lenghtwise) and ironed it.

I use my sewing clips to hold the handkerchiefs in place ensuring the entire edge is captured. I use seven of the half pieces. The center one is the oddball design. Then I put matching halves on either side so it is symmetrical.

I use a basic topstich to attach the bias tape to the handkerchiefs. I use white thread for all of them. The contrast looks nice and when you are making several of these at one time, you don't have to constantly switch out matching thread.

And these are the finished buntings. I made a bunch of them in various colors. I put them in my booths and have sold a TON of them! And I am able to sell them for much more than the just the handkerchiefs. Once I figured out how to make the first one, I can make one in about 15-20 minutes. These are so whimsical. They are perfect for a little girls room or for a bridal/baby shower decoration. I am making more because I have sold almost everyone I made originally.

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