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Lafayette Thrifting

Sometimes it is good to get out of your normal geographic area for thrifting. I tend to see the same thing over and over again at my local thrift stores. About a month ago, my BFF asked to to ride along to Lafayette. We were headed to Purdue University with my Godson's dog for a followup appointment. Sweet Lily had surgery on her leg a few months ago. We had to leave her for a few hours for radiographs so we headed out to Lafayette's thrift stores. Lucky for me, it was 50% off furniture day at the Salvation Army store. This drop-leaf table had just been put out on the floor. It didn't even have a price yet.

Well, after a bit of "can we get it in the van with and still make the dog comfortable" discussion, the answer was yes, and we were off to pick up Lily with the table in tow.

You know you have a true friend when her answer is "sure we can get it in the van!"

So once I got it home and took a look at it, it was pretty solid. The construction was rock solid, but the top of the table had seen better days. I knew I wanted to paint the bottom of the table so that part just needed a good cleaning. The top had a whole lotta issues.

I disassembled the table so I could work on each part. I thought maybe sanding would take the rest of the old finish off this tabletop.

So I sanded, and sanded, and worked well on some parts and not so well on other sections. I ended up using a stripper on it and was able to get it down to bare wood. I used a mahogany stain on it and it started to look lovely.

I added a couple of coats of Varathane Polyurethane Crystal Clear Satin.

I turned my attention to the bottom half.

I painted it with Rustoleum Chalked Chiffon Cream for the base. It took two coats.

Then I distressed the piece in several areas and gave it a coat of Rustoleum Chalked Matte Clear Coat.

The drawer had this hideous blue velvet fabric in the drawer. I removed the bottom of the drawer thinking I could just pull the fabric off and perhaps replace it with another fabric.

That fabric was never going to come off that board.

I cut a new bottom for the drawer from a piece of masonite.

I slid it in place and nailed it down.

The drawer had a tiny wooden knob previously. I love the look of these glass knobs. I think it classes it up a bit.

I reattached everything and slid the drawer in place. I think it turned out really well. I am very pleased with the the new "old" farmhouse table. It is clean and fresh and ready for many fantastic meals in the future—not cooked by me, but nonetheless fantastic.

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