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Non-Traditional Easter Baskets

Sometimes at an auction, they group together several items, particularly when they cannot get a bid on something. I used to drag all of this stuff home and then have a garage sale once a year with all the extra stuff. Well that means you have to store it—so I don't do that anymore. So I tend to go through the items and boxes I win at an auction and take home only the items I think I can sell in the shop (or the stuff I want to keep for me!) and then I just leave the rest at the auction. Check with your auctioneers. Some are okay with that and some are not. I also go through everything again when I get home. Some items, upon closer inspection, may not make the cut for the shop and will end up in the Goodwill donation box.

I was at an auction about a month ago and won a bid on the item I wanted as well as a bunch of other stuff. One of the "other things" was a round silverplate serving dish with a handle. It was really dirty and it wasn't something I typically sell in my shop. I put it in my little discard pile near my seat. As it sat there, for some reason when I glanced down I thought it might make a cute easter basket if I painted it or something. So I put it in the "take home" pile.

Once I cleaned it and looked at it a little more closely, I saw it had some great detail of little birds and tree limbs—perfect for Spring!

And the detail on the handle was really beautiful.

The next day I was at the Goodwill store and found this little silverplate dish. I thought if I was going to make one silverplate Easter basket, why not two?

To make the Easter basket, I purchased some eggs from Hobby Lobby. They had some larger ones in muted pastel colors and some smaller ones in grey, green and cream colors.

For Easter grass, I used Spanish moss from Dollar Tree. Swing by Dollar Tree every now and then and check out what they have. Often you can buy what you may need at a significant discount over the craft stores.

I used just a small amount of the Spanish moss and arranged it in the dish.

This project actually takes very little crafting ability. It really boils down to putting Spanish Moss and a dish and putting some eggs in the dish.

For the larger dish, I used wood shavings, a small wreath and a few of the larger eggs.

Both of these fit really well in a modern farmhouse decor. It is a great way to add some Easter decor without going overly cutesy.

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