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Off to the Auction!

Every Wednesday in the little town of Shipshewana, Indiana hundreds of people come together for an auction. As with all auctions, you never know what you will find, but there are always treasures to be found in Shipshewana. I wanted to share some of the items that caught my eye yesterday.

Darling piggy bank

This cute little piggy bank caught my eye. The colors are vibrant and it was nestled in between two huge pickle jars. It looked like it was hiding and taking a nap.

Frigidaire advertising

The graphics on this vintage metal sign scream farmhouse decor with the cow image and the beautiful blue color. It wasn't huge and would easily hang in a kitchen. I heard it sold for around $90.

Have a Coke and a smile!

This vintage Coca Cola sign was awesome. Unfortunately, I missed it when it was being auctioned off. There are multiple rings going on simultaneously at the Shipshewana auction barn so unfortunately, you can easily miss items.

Amazing advertising piece on canvas.

This piece caught my eye immediately. It was a huge canvas with individual advertisements hand painted on the canvas. It was well worn in many places but the graphics were incredible. It was huge—probably 30-40 ft long and maybe 10 feet high. I wasn't by that space when it was auctioned but I think about who may have bought it and what their plans are for this wonderful piece. I don't know if you can see the carnival clown game in front of the canvas, but it was huge as well. It sold for over $1,200.

Beautiful hand painted advertisements

There were so many things at the auction yesterday. I came home with a few things myself. Unfortunately nothing shown in this post. Stay tuned for future posts to see the treasures I brought home!

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