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Parlor Table Upcycled Makeover

Small tables are perfect for up-cycling projects. They come in all shapes and sizes, in every condition. They also can be found anywhere—garage sales, auctions, thrift stores, estate sales and even the side of the road. I found this one at an auction and was able to pick it up for a good price.

parlor table in need of repair

Probably because the table was really wobbly and the top was not in great shape. It was damaged with years of use and water rings.

Parlor table top showing damage

This poor little table has had a hard life. There are water rings on the table top. I am a bit of the coaster police with the surfaces in my home (maybe a little more than a bit...). It's a little dinged up and the glue on the legs had long since given way. It was really wobbly. I probably could have completely torn off the legs if I put my elbow into it! It was a parlor table in desperate need of a upcycle makeover.

I gathered my supplies of this project:

Sandpaper (various grits)

I changed my mind several times on what I was going to do with this table. I knew I would paint it but I changed my mind on the color multiple times. I also wondered if the table top could be salvaged. I decided to sand it to see what it would look like. To my surprise, the finish came right off and it looked great. I began with an 80 grit sandpaper and worked my way down to a 150 grit for a super smooth finish.

parlor table being sanded

There were still a few nicks in it here and there and some of the edges were nicked but overall I liked it and decided to leave the top as natural wood.

damaged table being re-glued using wood clamps

I re-glued the legs and clamped them with wood clamps. There was also a crack in the "hem" of the underside of the top. I am not sure if that is the correct terminology for this portion, but it was the rim of wood directly under the top. I added glue to the crack and clamped that as well. I allowed it to dry for 24 hours.

I painted the base with Waverly Chalk paint in the Cashew color. It had been a minute since I used this on a project. For a while there, I was using it on everything. Does anyone else have the issue of finding a color they love and then using it until even you are sick of it? It was nice to come back to this one and discover I still love it.

I allowed the paint to dry for 24 hours. Then I used 100 grit sandpaper to lightly distress the piece. It had some nice detail which was highlighted by the distressing.

Parlor table top refinished

I used a matte polyurethane to seal the painted portion as well as to bring out the beauty in the top of the table. It just gave it a really rich look.

Parlor table project completed

This table turned out really well. It is sturdy again and has a little life back in it. This would look great in a sunroom or a cozy reading nook! The perfect place to hold some fresh flowers, your book and your beverage (just use a coaster please!)

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