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Reclaimed Wood Wall Vase

I always look through a pile of wood, old cabinet doors, and windows at a garage sale or auction. You never know what you will find and you just might come across a treasure! I purchased several pieces of wood from an estate sale. Each piece was $2. At estate sales, keep in mind the more you buy, the more willing they are to bargain with you. Also, if it is a couple of days into the sale, they are motivated to move the merchandise. Use that to your advantage!

This piece came from an estate sale. I bought a whole stack of various pieces and have used them for various projects.

I am not really sure what this was in a prior life, but something about it really intrigued me so it went in my pile at the estate sale.

A coat of Varathane Crystal Clear Satin polyurethane made the wood grain stand out.

I wanted to add an old medicine bottle to make a vase on the board. You can find old medicine bottles at garage sales and auctions. I bought a box of them at an auction and this purple one was in it. I didn't even mind the chipped lip.

I puchased a bottle clamp from Hobby Lobby. You can buy them online or they are in the drawer knob section in the store. I always wait until they are 50% off—and they are on sale a lot!

We used the clamp to bridge the gap in the wood piece. The bottle was added to the clamp and some lavender was added (fake—it was still winter!).

These few pieces combined to make a stunning wall vase. A loop hanger was added to the back for hanging on the wall.

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