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Snowglobe Cloche

I have been seeing beautiful cloches all over the place—nice boutiques, magazines, Pinterest. The look expensive and the trouble is—they are expensive. The cloches alone can be really expensive, particularly if you want glass and not plexiglass. I really wanted to offer something like that in my booths this Christmas, but finding the vintage cloches was difficult and usually more than I wanted to pay when I did see them.

When I was on the 127 Sale this year, I found something that is very common, but I knew I could transform into a snow globe cloche.

Cheeseball trays. We have all had them at one point in our lives. You might have one tucked away somewhere right now. These were $1 each at a yard sale. Perfectly priced for this project!

I also found two cake plate lids with no plates, but fortunately, I had a couple of wooden platters that were the right size. I painted them with Folkart Chalk Paint in the Sheepskin color. It took two coats to cover completely.

I painted the underside of the trays as well.

I used 60 grit sandpaper to distress each tray. I added a clear coat of polyurethane to each of the plates.

I dug through my Christmas odds and ends and started to assemble vignettes.

Tiny bottle brush trees are perfect for vignettes. They are available from a variety of sources in a variety of colors.

I added fake snow to each of the plates. It can be messy, but I think it adds charm to the vignettes. I added a vintage ornament to this one and mini bottle brush trees in a complementing color.

I think they turned out really well! I made six in total and three of them sold the first week.

The cake plate covers allow for taller items to be added to the vignettes. These can be changed out yearly with tiny new treasures.

This was really simple and inexpensive, two of my favorite things!

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