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Souvenir Pennant Tree Skirt

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel to many places around the world. When I had my corporate job, I traveled often—and I go on several vacations or mini vacations a few times a year. Several years ago, I started buying Christmas ornaments that reflected the places I have been able to visit. I have a separate Christmas tree for these ornaments. I wanted to have a unique tree skirt for this particular tree. I also had a stash of vintage souvenir felt pennants.

I made this several years ago, long before I had a blog so I don't have step by step photos of creating it.

Anything can become an ornament for this tree. I picked up an iron-on patch at the mid-point of Route 66 as a remembrance of that particular spot in the US.

I have also added vintage travel -themed items over the years. I found this little camera case in a box at an auction a few years ago (there was no camera inside). It is now an ornament.

I picked up this tiny little suitcase at an auction as well. I don't know what the original purpose was, but it sure it cute on my tree.

Now for the construction of the tree skirt! I selected several pennants of the same size. I laid them out in a circle. I used embroidery thread and did a button-hole stitch to sew the side of pennant to the next one. I left one edge open so it could be wrapped around the tree. I tucked the tips in and tacked them underneath the skirt to allow for the trunk of the tree.

The most difficult part is finding pennant that are all the exact same size. It makes a really colorfull tree skirt. This photo isn't the best. It is a couple of years old. I will take a new one when I put up my trees this year (I am a die-hard after Thanksgiving decorator). It is really fun to dig out the ornaments every year and remember all the wonderful places I have been. It is really a trip down memory lane.

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