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Spoon Display Transformation

I purchased this really beautiful display piece at an estate sale this summer. It had been handmade by the owner of the estate. It was actually the estate of a good friend. I love that her dad had made this piece.

Unfortunately, I don't collect souvenir spoons so this needed to be transformed. I began by removing the two shelves that held the spoons. They had been screwed and nailed in so it took me a minute to get them off of there.

I sanded off the old glue and some of the old varnish. I filled in the holes with wood putty and sanded it smooth.

I used Rustoleum Chalked paint in the Chiffon Cream. I painted two coats on this piece.

After the second coat, I heavily distressed the piece overall with 60 grit sandpaper. I sealed it with Varathane Crystal Clear polyurethane in a satin finish.

I wanted the drawer to be stained. I sanded off the old finish and used Varathane Early American stain on the drawer. I also added a new knob (the old yellow one wasn't working for me!).

I added these hooks from Hobby Lobby (two on each side), so they could hold rolling pins. I measured the rolling pins and ensured they were place far enough apart to accommodate the rolling pins.

The rolling pins nestled nicely on this hooks.

I added a new knob to the drawer and it was complete!

This will be a great piece to display vintage rolling pins, sifters, measuring spoons, cookie cutters and utensils! I really love the way it turned out. The drawer is a great space to store all your cookie cutters!

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