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Stunning Sewing Stools Makeover

I think we all had sewing stools in our homes when we were growing up. I know I did. We all must have had them because you can find them everywhere now. I often pick these up for under $10. I have several in my stash right now. I buy them at garage sales, estate sales and auctions. It always frustrates me when they want to sell it with a sewing machine. I have often asked it they would sell it separately and am often told no. The sewing machines often don't bring a bid so the stool just sits there and will probably end up at the dump.

I decided to take three of the ones in my stash and up-cycle them at the same time. I gave each one a different look.

I didn't grab a "before" pic of the third one. The base on that one was already painted white and it was upholstered with fuzzy pink unicorn fabric—definitely needed a makeover on that one.

As always, I always begin by removing the old fabric from the seats. Some had multiple layers.

sewing stool makeover black rustoleum paint

I painted one of the stools with Rustoleum Milk Paint in the Eclipse color. I painted another one with Waverly Chalk Paint in the Moss color. The third one was already painted white and was kind of chippy so I left it that way.

I distressed both the Moss green and the Eclipse black paint. I sealed both with a coat of Varathane Crystal Clear Polyurethane in the satin finish.

Each of the seats received new foam and batting. I chose a floral fabric for the white stool. Always begin by stapling the center on each side and work your way out to the corners. Trim excess fabric and batting at the corners and staple those down as well.

I used a canvas ticking fabric with sage green stripes for the stool with the green base. I also added a covered button in the center of this stool.

I used a black and cream stripe canvas fabric for the black base. I had a large button so I used it for the black stool seat.

black Rustoleum eclipse milk paint black cream ticking canvas

Sewing stool with Rustoleum Milk Paint in the Eclipse color with black and cream striped canvas duck fabric.

sewing stool Waverly chalk paint moss makeover

Sewing stool with Waverly Chalk Paint in the Moss color with sage green canvas ticking fabric.

white paint sewing stool floral fabric makeover

Sewing stool (already painted white) with floral canvas duck fabric.

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