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Tablecloth Tote

Typically when you purchase linens at an auction, you end up with an entire box or pile. Some are in great shape and are ready for the shop. Others need washed, ironed, etc. Some are stained and torn. I have been stockpiling the stained and torn linens for a couple of years because I had an idea...turn these unsellable linens into something that would sell. I actually ordered a pattern for tote bags and I haven't made anything from a pattern in years.

Now that I have my craft room organized, I decided to jump in. After reading the instructions on the pattern, I decided to hold off on that particular tote bag. I decided to go for a simpler approach for my first try. I watched a tutorial on I used the tutorial for the Market Tote Bag. It looked easy enough, so I jumped in.

I had this beautiful burgundy and blue tablecloth. It had a couple of holes in it and was stained in a couple of places.

I also pick up vintage fabric when I see it at garage sales or thrift stores. I had picked up this fabric at a garage sale a couple of years ago.

The colors were a perfect match. Vintage fabric gets very wrinkled when you launder it. Fortunately, I like to iron.

The tutorial also showed how to add a pocket to the tote. I found this finger towel in my stash. It had the same colors so it was perfect!

I used the vintage fabric for the inside of the bag. I made the bag reversible so it could actually be the outside.

Learning to make the straps was fun. I thought it would be difficult, but it involved ironing so it was very zen.

The tutorial also showed how to make corners so the bag would have some width to it.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty well! The girl with the bouquet makes a nice surprise for the inside pocket.

It is reversible so the bag could be used with the pocket on the outside.

So now I am definitely on the hunt for more damaged and stained linens! This is a great way to repurpose items that wouldn't sell in the shop.

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