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Tall Primitive Cabinet

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about an estate sale I visited this Spring and all the goodies I found there. The first day I stopped by, I bought a tall cabinet. The door was detached and it had been sitting in a barn or garage for a while because it was covered in a dirt—but you I love things covered in dirt!

It had two doors with it.

This is not a great picture of the two doors. Once is behind the other. One had glass and the other did not. At first I thought the one without glass was some sort of trim and the door with glass was the actual door. After further inspection, the hinges on the door with glass didn't align to the cabinet. So the door without the glass was the actual door and not the cabinet.

One thing I loved about this cabinet is it reminded me of another project I did last winter. The cabinet was almost identical to it. You can see that project by clicking this link.

I started on this project by simply hosing it down and giving it a good scrubbing. You can see the dirt in the above photo.

The little scrubbie pad wasn't enough, I had to get a scrub brush out and go over it several times. The end result was worth it.

A clean cabinet that now had a rich primitive vibe. The board on the back was a little loose so I added a couple of nails to secure it. I really loved how the piece looked I didn't want to completely remove the old layers of stain and make it look new again so I gave it a coat of Varathane Crystal Clear Polyurethane in the Satin finish. It sealed the wood and added a nice rich look to the wood.

I reattached the door. Fortunately, the original hinges were still on the door, so it was really easy to attach to the cabinet.

The cabinet did not come with any shelves. I didn't have any weathered wood to match so I cut some plywood to fit the cabinet. I decided to make three shelves. I coated each one with Folk Art Sheepskin chalk paint. I distressed them a bit, but I thought they still looked a little too "new."

I used Rustoleum Aging Glaze to give a little more depth to the shelves. You simply add a coat and then wipe it off leaving a nice aged look.

I really like the end result! Once the shelves were dry, I installed them in the cabinet.

I really love how it turned out! I didn't add glass to the door. I like how it looked as an open shelf. It really fits in well with a farmhouse decor so I styled it with a few of my favorite things.

Now its ready to go into the shop!

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