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Treasured Chest

I love wooden boxes. Any kind—crates, recipe card holders, trinket boxes—you name it, I am drawn to it. I don't know why, but I pick them up often. This one is a treasure.

I purchased this in a box lot pile at an auction. Box lots are like (or random) items put together in a box and auction off as a lot. I love box lots because I love to dig and find treasures.

This wooden box is so simple but I think it is beautiful for so many reasons. The wood carving is so simple. The lettering is one simple word—wigwam— but it is really well done on the lid.

The inside lid of the box reveals a bit more about the original owner, Bert Jackson.

This sweet little box was a Christmas gift for Bert in 1907. A hundred and thirteen years ago. Amazing. You have to wonder if any child would be thrilled to get this gift in 2020. I doubt it. It got me wondering though. What was the significance of Wigwam? I thought maybe it was related to the Boy Scouts of America. I did a little digging. There was an organization called the Lone Scouts of America. This organization was founded by W.D. Boyce based on the principal children living in rural areas may not have enough members to form a scout troup for the BSA. The Lone Scouts of America used American Indian themes and could form local tribes to meet in person or mail tribes to communicate by the US Postal service if the member lived in an isolated area. Tribes could band together to form "Wigwams". This organization eventually merged with the Boy Scouts of America.

I thought maybe I had found the purpose of this box. However, the Lone Scouts of America wasn't formed until 1915 so that theory was busted. So i have no idea what Wigwam is in relation to this box.

I found this inscription on the bottom of the box: To Bert, From Marlin, Orvil and Noel. That is how I deciphered the names. If you have a different opinion, I would love to hear it! I couldn't make out the last name.

So this sweet little wooden box, lovingly made as a Christmas present has found its way to me. I think about what Bert would have housed in this treasure box. How long did Bert live and how long did he keep this in his possession? Lots of questions—no answers—as is the case with most of the vintage treasures I find.

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