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Unusual Vintage Easter Decor

There isn't much vintage Easter out there when I am on the hunt for vintage treasures. I find some every now and again, but let's be real—I keep that for my personal collection! The good news is there are so many other ways to use vintage items for Easter decor. For example, this wooden file box can be used in many ways for any season.

This probably held file cards or receipts at some point in its life. Today it will become an Easter basket. I was kind of dusty and dirty but it cleaned up really well.

I already knew what I was going to use for eggs—some colorful spools I recently acquired in a huge box of crochet thread. That box also had several skeins of this vintage mercerized crochet cotton. I thought it would make a great "nest" for my "eggs".

I removed the wrapper and arranged the crochet cotton into some sort of a nest.

Then I added my eggs! These vintage crochet cotton spools were scattered throughout the huge box of crochet thread. As I was digging them out of the box, I thought they would make really cute "eggs" in vintage Easter decor. There was a wonderful variety of colors. Most of the spools still have the labels on the end. The graphics are fantastic!

It is simple and not overtly "Easter", but fits in well with other Easter decor, such as this cute little ceramic leaves with the tiny bunny. The tiny spools of thread were also in the box and worked well on the ceramic dish—the colors were just right! The nice aspect of this decor is it can be transformed into something else for the next season! This box could display vintage seed packets for summer and small pumpkins for fall. And a collection of Shiny Brite ornaments could fill it up at Christmas. The possibilities are endless!

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