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Vintage Kitchen Strainer Easter Decor

I have been focused on non-traditional Easter decor this year—taking items that typically wouldn't be associated with the holiday and repurposing them. This kitchen strainer came in a box lot at an auction. It came with a bunch of other vintage utensils. I thought it would work great for a little Easter basket.

I added a little Spanish Moss from the Dollar Tree.

It made a nice little bed of grass for the eggs.

Did you know you can get bulk discounts from Jo Ann Fabric? This is something I recently learned. If you go in the upper right hand corner of their website, their is a little symbol that says JoAnn+. Click on that and you can register to buy bulk. The prices are great on some things, particularly the floral items, and just average on some of the other items.

I wanted to add some color so I added a small wreath with some purple I had acquired from

Then I just added some primitive looking eggs from Hobby Lobby. It is really easy, takes no crafting talent and doesn't destroy the integrity of the strainer. The Easter decor can be removed and the strainer could be used for other holidays.

Have fun with vintage kitchen utensils and show me what you do with them!

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