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I love beautiful typography. When I saw this weathervane at a garage sale with the beautiful letters. I had to have it.

Take a look at these letters. You do not typically see such well designed letters on a weathervane.

There was one small problem with the weathervane. The 'W' had broken off of the piece.

It is made of metal and I had been wanting to try JB Weld (since I don't have ANY welding tools).

The instructions seemed pretty simple. Squeeze out equal amounts from each tube.

Mix together.

And apply to a clean dry surface.

It is supposed to bond in 4 minutes and cure in 4 hours.

So the next day it seemed to be holding together.

And then if fell off again.

I cleaned it again and glued it with E6000 glue.

It seems to be holding together but it isn't a secure hold. It wobbles if I touch it. I am sure it will come apart again if someone does not handle it with care.

I have ordered a different product to glue pot metal from Amazon. It will be here in a few days. Until then, I am hoping it holds together for now.


Well I returned the product from Amazon. I didn't even take it out of the package because a good friend and neighbor saw my post and offered up "Mr. Fix-it" aka her husband to take a look at it.

And he fixed it!

First he pointed out that the piece had been modified. A weigh had been added to the point of the arrow and a piece of metal flap had been added to the back. So he removed them.

Then he fixed the broken piece and added another metal piece to raise the arrow to its proper position. Now the arrow spins freely. It would bump into the letters before which is probably how the W broke initially.

When he removed the flap of metal on the back of the arrow, he found this lettering. He asked if I spelled my name with one B or two. I spell it with one but it was pretty cool that the word ROBBIN was on the arrow.

Thank you to my friends (and good neighbors) for offering to help with this project! I truly could not have done this myself!

I drilled out a piece of wood to hold the weathervane. Now it is ready to display!


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