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Wooden Spool Carrots

A few years ago, I was on my annual 127 Sale jaunt. I love this trip because I often find items that are local to the area that we don't necessarily have in large quantity in my area (Northern Indiana). Somewhere in Tennessee I came across a vendor selling wooden spools from weaving looms. These were used by manufacturers of fabrics. Different color/textures of thread would be wound around the wooden spoon and they would be loaded into weaving shuttles to be sent through the looms. They had a variety of sizes and they had hundreds of them! I was able to get them for as little as a quarter each. So I stocked up!

This tub actually what was left earlier this year. I have used so many of them for so many different projects. I grabbed a couple of handfuls of them to use for an Easter decor project.

I have to admit, I sorta "borrowed" this idea from my friend Susan. She sent me some photos of a project she did with spools last year. Ok, I totally stole this from her—with her full permission! The variety of sizes of these spools made this perfect for "bunches" of carrots. Just in time for Easter.

I don't typically use a lot of orange paint, but fortunately Waverly makes their chalk paint available in 2 oz. bottles. And they are only a couple of dollars. It makes it really easy to play around with colors without a huge investment. I used the Pumpkin color for this project.

The spools needed two coats of the chalk paint for full coverage.

To make these look as if they were plucked out of the ground, I used Rustoleum Chalked Aged Glaze to add depth and age.

I found a garland at Hobby Lobby that looked like carrot fronds—is that what the greens are called? LOL. I cut the garland into smaller sections and used hot glue to attach the greenery to the spools. This photo also show how the aged glaze affected the spools.

I grouped the carrots into bunches of three or four and wrapped twine around to secure them.

I was really pleased with the way they turned out. They look great on my silver plated serving dish!

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