70s Shelving Unit Gets a Makeover

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

If you have a booth, you need display space. I like unique display pieces in my booths and I always want to ensure each piece is for sale. I found this 70s shelving unit at the Goodwill store. It was marked $14.99 but it was 50% off day! I shelled out my $7.50, disassembled it and took it home. It had some water damage and had seen better days. It would be great for a display piece in my booth, but I wanted to make sure that someone would want to buy it and take it home.

I see these type of shelves all the time. Don't let the size dissuade you! They come apart very easily. You can change it to a different height if necessary. Think outside the box!

This had some moisture damage but you can over that up!

I completely disassembled it and spray painted all the plastic connector pieces black. For the shelves, I had some wrapping paper with musical notes. I decoupaged the wrapping paper on each shelf.

After everything was dry, I reassembled the shelf. It looks amazing now.

Take photos before you disassemble something. It really helps when you are putting it back together. I kept thinking I had lost some pieces. They were all there, I just didn't remember how it was configured. Thankfully I had my "before" photo for reference.

I was really happy with it!

This is a photo of the shelving unit in the booth. It fits nicely with the vibe of my booth.

This photo is when I first moved into this space. It looks very different now!

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