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Rack'em UP

My basement is a game room. Literally—it is filled with my collection of vintage board games. As I was adding furniture, I wanted some unique end tables. Below is the first iteration of this idea. The next post will be the most current version of this idea. I found a couple of triangle tables while doing the Route 66 Red Corridor Sale.

I had intended to paint the wood black and leave the green top and paint pool balls on the inside triangle. Then I was trying to think of something cool to do with some pool balls and rack that I had picked up.

I only had on rack but I had a couple of sets of pool balls. The rack fit perfectly on the table so I came up with a new plan.

I painted the wood black and cut green felt for the insert.

I took the table to a local glass company. They cut custom table tops for me with rounded edges.

I added white tips to the feet of the table to mimic pool cues.

With all projects you learn things along the way. On this I learned the rack needed to be secured to the base of the table. It was too easy for the pool balls to roll around if someone bumped the table. I also learned the glass should not just sit on top of the pool balls. Again, too easy for it to roll around. I ended up adding cork and a rubber bumper to each corner of the rack to hold the glass in place (shown in the pic below).

This is one of the tables in place in my basement. As you can see, the two chairs flanking it are mid-century chairs that have been given new life as well.

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