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Rack'em UP2

A few years ago, I transformed some triangle tables into "pool table" end tables which I detailed on the previous post. I found these three on the 127 sale in Tennessee a couple of years ago. So I thought I would do the same with these.

The triangle portion lifted off the base making the tops easier to work with. My plan was to recover the green portion with green felt. After I pried one of them off (it was really glued on there!), I discovered I probably would not be able to do that—so new plan! I removed the green portion and covered the entire top of the table with green felt. It looked really nice.

I painted the base black (spray paint) and added white tips again to make them look like pool cues. I bought three new wooden racks because I couldn't find vintage ones. To support the glass, I use three old building blocks and covered them with felt. I secured them to the tabletop with screws from underneath. I then added rubber bumpers to the top of those. Again, I took the table to a local glass company and they cut custom tops for me with rounded edges.

These are now in my game-room themed basement. They hold up really well when the nieces and nephews come to visit!

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