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Jingle all the way

I'll step away from the Christmas tree posts for a minute to share a sleigh I found at Goodwill.

It was a bargain at .99 cents!

I just needed to get rid of the decoupaged image. It was cute, but I knew I could make the sleigh a bit better. The board was easy to remove. I just removed the four screws holding it to the frame.

I applied a coat of furniture stripper and the paper came right off.

Now that I had a clean slate, I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to create a stencil.

I cut the stencil out of vinyl.

I removed the backing and adhered it to the board.

Two coats of paint later and some time to dry...

I sanded it a bit to distress it and then added a coat of poly. It is now ready to go to the Christmas open house today!

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