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Monkeying Around

I was involved in our local Festival of Trees for a number of years. If you have a theme, I can figure out the decorations needed. Conversely, if you have any random object, I can figure out how to make it into tree decor. It's a gift—or maybe a curse—not really sure sometimes! We don't have a Festival of Trees in our community any longer, but I still like a good themed Christmas tree. And this little tree couldn't be easier to create. All you need is a small tree, a string of lights (10 ct) and a Barrel of Monkeys!

I have created them with the older version of the barrel...

and the plastic (still vintage) version of the barrel.

You simply glue the base of the tree into the barrel, add the lights and then use the monkeys for ornaments. I glue those to the branches with a hot glue gun.

The only difficult part is finding a set with all three colors of monkeys. The newer sets usually only have one color. Usually it is red, so it is festive, but I prefer the sets with multiple colors.

A yellow monkey becomes the "star" on the tree. When I use the plastic barrel, I tuck the top of the barrel in the tree as well.

So try monkeying around. It is fun and you will have a really cute tree!

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