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Christmas Cookies

For several years I was involved in our local Festival of Trees. As a result, I have a lot of "themed" trees in my home. A couple of them are "cookie cutter" themed.

This little cutie was really easy. I had an small old crock mixing bowl. It was cracked so I wasn't worried about ruining the value. I glued a small tree into the bowl.

I also had a set of small copper cookie cutters I had picked up at a yard sale.

They make great ornaments!

I picked up these salt dough ornaments in Crossville, TN on the 127 sale a few years. I go back to the same vendor every year and buy up a bunch. They are perfect for this tree.

This one was easy as well. I had an old coffee measuring cup so I glued a tree in the cup. I had a set of toy green cookie cutters, which became the ornaments. A little bit of ribbon and this one was complete.

Santa is checking out this little chick...

And my tree topper was this horse cookie cutter.

One of the first "cookie cutter" trees I created was from corrugated cardboard and scrapbooking paper and an old cookie jar.

I found this cookie jar with no lid. You can often find cookie jars sans lid because the lids are often broken. I use them for a variety of things (check out how I used them here!).

I used floral foam inside the cookie jar and secured this feather tree into the foam. The feather tree isn't really old. It was probably from the 90s.

I had purchased these corrugated cardboard shapes at a craft store a few years ago. I spruced them up by adding scrapbooking paper. I traced around them on to scrapbooking paper and then cut them out slightly smaller than the shape so the corrugation would show. I used these to create a couple of trees that were sold in the Festival of Trees. I had a few left over so I used them on this tree in my kitchen.

I made a hole in each ornament and tied red ribbon to make the hanger.

These would be so simple to do now that I have my Silhouette Cameo 3 machine.

Of course, the star is the tree topper.

This takes no time at all to decorate every year. It is one of my favorites.

There are lots of options for cookie cutter trees. I have used all kinds of cookie cutters from metal to plastic. I use all kinds of bases from mixing bowls to cookie jars. I have sold several cookie cutter themed trees in my booth over the years. Everyone can relate to making cookies at Christmas!

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