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Mid Century Fab Find

This one definitely falls under "trash to treasure". I spied this little mid century stool a few weeks ago at an auction. I won the bid and when the auctioneer handed it to me, he told me that it almost got thrown out when they were cleaning out the estate. Some of the staff from the auction company thought this was too far gone. Fortunately, the auctioneer saved this gem.

It definitely has some issues.

The vinyl was so far gone, there was no saving it at all. Fortunately the bones were solid.

I began this project by removing the legs. It was four simple screws and the legs were all one piece. I spray painted the legs a glossy black just to freshen them up.

Next, I took some measurements from the stool and started to plan out the sewing plan for the new covering.

I cut out the top piece (this is the back side of the fabric) and marked where I would pin and sew the piece to the sides. Then I cut a panel for the side piece.

I knew I wanted to add piping to give the overall piece a further boost. I made my own with some black fabric and piping insert.

I pinned it all together and sewed the seam.

I also made a button for the center of the stool. I used the same fabric as the piping and covered a metal button.

Next, I started removing the vinyl. I remove all the staples. That way I don't hit any staples when I am applying the new fabric.

I added new padding and batting. Then I pulled the piece of fabric I had sewn over the seat and began working my way around the seat and stapling the fabric in place.

Upholstering something round can be difficult to work with the fabric. I tried to make even pleats so the fabric would lay flat.

This is the reupholstered top. Next I threaded some waxed thread from the bottom to attach the button.

I pulled down on the button and tied it off on the bottom of the stool.

Next, I added a dust cover to the bottom of the stool. I always try to add this. I like the look and I think it just finishes the piece nicely.

I reattached the legs...

And just like that, this stool has a new life. I think the fabric still has the mid century vibe so this stool maintains it cool factor. This fabric was left over from another mid century project makeover. It can be see here. And I still have some fabric left. I will be on the hunt for that next project!

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