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Cigar Stand Makeover

I picked this little cigar stand up last year when everything was on lockdown last year and my local auctioneer was doing online auctions with contactless pickup. This was in a lot with a small bench and another cigar stand. I was more interested in the bench and not so much in either of the cigar stands. As I was going through my stash recently and reorganizing and re-evaluating what stays for a project and what gets donated, I decided this one should stay.

It had some flaws. The finish was really rough. A couple of pieces had broken off of the top.

Fortunately, the pieces that had broken off were inside the cabinet.

That knob definitely was a flaw. I cannot imagine that know could have been original to this piece. It was a piece of plastic screwed into the wood.

I thought well, at least it is line with copper (as many cigar stands/humidors are) and the copper has a nice patina. Except it isn't copper. Crap. It was painted with a copper colored paint. I am not even sure what the "patina" was, but it wiped away pretty easily when I cleaned the piece.

If you follow my blog, you know flaws don't scare me! I embrace them. I like to turn the flaws into features.

I cleaned the piece and sanded the finish. It was almost falling off on it's own, so a light sanding ensured the paint would adhere well. I used wood glue and screws to reattach the side pieces from the top of the cabinet.

After the glue had dried, I painted it with black Folk Art Chalk Paint. It only took one coat, but I had to touch it up because I missed a few spots! Specifically on one of the inside of these side spindles.

I used a fine grit sandpaper to distress the stand.

I use the sandpaper more aggressively in some places than in others. I like the piece to look like it has been well-loved over the years. I coated the piece with a satin polyurethane to protect the paint. It also gives the piece a finished look.

I found this checkered knob in my stash. I think it was in a little tub of knobs I picked up at a yard sale last summer. It gave a bit of whimsy to this (formerly) stodgy stand.

How cute is this? Now it can function as a simple side table. The shelf on the bottom can store a variety of treasures. Behind the cabinet door would be perfect place to store all those remotes we all seem to have these days for all of our devices.

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