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Curly Chairs

It's snowing here in Northern Indiana—a lot. Everything is closed, but that just gives me an opportunity to catch up on posting some old projects. This one is so old, these chairs have already sold—long ago! I found these at a garage sale a couple of summers ago. I was driving to my booth in Peru, Indiana. It's over an hour for me to get there from my home but it's a great shop and I do well there, so it's worth the drive. On my way there, I saw a sign for a garage sale, so of course, I diverted from original objective and found the garage sale (which was in the middle of nowhere). I saw these chairs...

The photo shows one, but there were two of them. They are metal and had vinyl fabric, which definitely needed replaced. The price was right, but I had a small issue. My vehicle was already maxed out with items I was taking to my booth. Literally, there was no room for the chairs. So I did what any pro garage-sale veteran would do. I paid for them and asked if they could hold them for a few hours. They said they could accommodate my request—yay! If you have ever had to go back to pick up something you purchased because you didn't have room—you are my people! The only issue was I had to find my way back to the middle of nowhere after I restocked my booth in Peru.

I removed the seat and back and removed the upholstery. I scrubbed the metal and removed the rust with steel wool.

I used a black satin spray paint to coat both chairs. One coat pretty much covered it but I hit it with a light second coat to catch the few areas that needed just a touch more.

I reupholstered the back and seats with this pretty floral fabric. The black accents in the fabric matched the black frame.

Side note: I can't look at these chairs without thinking of Cogsworth from Disney's Beauty and the Beast (pic from Disney film).

Incidentally, I had let the chairs dry for a few days before I reattached the seat and back. During that time, I went to an auction and found two more chairs and a table that matched these perfectly. I thought I would buy them and complete the set. Unfortunately, they went for over a hundred dollars! Too much for me. I knew I wouldn't be able to recoup my investment plus a profit. So these remain a lonely pair.

The chairs turned out really cute! I put them in my booth at The Standard in Bourbon and they sold really quickly! I guess I didn't need a whole set after all.

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