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Unique Face Chair

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to pick up furniture—if you can be the first one to get dibs on the piece. More often than not, I will be interested in a piece of furniture only to be told that is already sold. But not this time! I found this really unique chair.

How many chairs do you see with a face? I sure don't see very many. This one looks like the face of wind, blowing curls of air. Kinda cool—unique. Of course, it needed work and you know I like that about it!

Kinda cool—unique. Of course, it needed work and you know I like that about it!

I wanted to paint it cream, but after sanding it, I knew that it would need a coat of primer because the stain on the wood had a red tinge to it.

It was pretty clear that the red was not going away. So cream was no longer an option.

We needed to go dark, so we painted it a deep blue and distressed it.

I needed to cut a new board to reupholster the seat. I measured the seat. I needed a 17 inch circle so I put a nail in the center of the board (X marks the spot) and tied a string to it. I measured 8.5 inches from the center and tied a pencil at that spot. From there I was able to draw a 17 inch circle. I cut it out, added foam and new fabric. A covered button in the center made it complete.

I think it turned out well. It's fun and quirky! Perfect for the corner of any room (if you would want a face staring at you from a corner).

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