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Door Knob Trees

I'm still furiously preparing for our Christmas open house this weekend. I hate having to prepare for Christmas so early, but hey, you have to have the goods when customers want them!

I collect door knobs throughout the year to create this quick and easy project. I typically use door knobs that wouldn't sell alone as a door knob. I don't use glass door knobs for this project because I can sell a glass door knob alone for more than I can sell one of these with a tree.

Vintage door knobs

I cleaned all of these (it's amazing how dirty the old ones are!).

You will also need bottle brush trees. You can find these at most big box stores. I bought a bunch at Walmart. They are $1 to $3 depending on the size. I usually buy a bunch in October. They start to get picked over in November and are hard to find in December.

Bottle brush trees

bottle brush, sisal trees

The base of the trees are not needed. Simply twist them off. Try to not squish the tree while doing it. Fortunately, they are easily re-shapable if you do squish them.

removing base of bottle brush tree

bottle brush tree

This is the tree without the base.

Using a glue gun, fill the hole in the door knob with glue. Some door knobs are hollow and will take a little more than others.

dook knobs

gluing bottle brush tree into door knob

Insert the tree into the door knob. Hold it for a few minutes while it sets up.

bottle brush trees in door knobs

bottle brush christmas trees in door knobs with vintage Christmas deer

These literally take minutes to create. They look lovely in a variety of Christmas vignettes. A couple of my woodland friends joined this forest. So be on the lookout for old door knobs!

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