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Metal Makeover

Catching up on posting a bunch of old projects! It's a great problem to have. I struggle to keep projects in my booths because our awesome customers seem to love them and snap them up quickly. This particular bench was purchased at an estate sale a couple of years ago.

It is really cute. I actually like the color, but on closer inspection, the fabric was originally cream and had been painted.

I wanted to reupholster the top so the fabric was already going to go. I was hoping to just clean up the bottom, but I couldn't get the blue paint off easily.

I scraped off as much of the blue paint as I could and then cleaned the piece thoroughly. I used a satin black spray paint to coat the base. While that was drying, I removed the old upholstery and started fresh.

I typically have three layers: the fabric, a layer of batting and the foam. The foam is cut to the size of the bench. The batting and fabric need to be a couple of inches larger on each side.

The "right side" of the fabric is placed facing down. Then the batting and then the foam. The board is placed on top of the foam.

Begin on one side of the bench. I typically fold the fabric under prior to adding the staple, just because I think it is a cleaner finish. Staple one side of the fabric, and pull the fabric taut on the opposite side and staple the fabric in the middle. Do the same on the ends of board. Then work your way out, continually moving around the board. I usually put one staple on either side of first staple and then continually do the same as you turn the board. This will keep the fabric taut.

Trim the corners and fold over and staple down. It should look similar to this.

The result is an upholstered top that has no wrinkles and is beautifully finished.

When the base is completely dry (I usually let it cure for a couple of days), reattach the base to the top.

This is an easy project and will typically take less than a couple of hours.

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