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Piano Bench Pick Me up

I found this piano bench at a barn sale this past summer. It's a classic situation. I have plenty of projects, but I find a really good deal on a solid piece of furniture. I circled around it a few times. I kept walking away and looking at other things. But it kept drawing me back. Such a dilemma... Do I walk away or hand over the cash? In this case, I hand over the cash.

I mean, how could I not? It is really solid and the price was right.

$2. If it had been $15 or $20, I could have walked away, but you just can't walk away from a price like that.

I began by removing the lid. I wanted add fabric to the top so working with it as a separate piece is easier.

I painted it with two coats of Rustoleum Chalked paint in the Chiffon Cream color. I sealed it with Rustoleum Matte finish sealer.

I wanted the storage area of the bench to have a design element as well.

I used four sheets of scrapbooking paper and decoupaged them to the bottom and sides of of the inside of the bench.

This particular pattern of old letters was perfect. The sheets blended together easily and the colors complemented the paint.

I cut a piece of one inch medium density foam to the size of the top of the bench. I added a layer of batting and tacked it in place with my staple gun.

I used navy and cream ticking striped ticking fabric to upholster the top of the bench. I covered three buttons with the fabric and added them to the bench.

I reattached the lid to the base of the bench and it was finished!

It is perfect for an entryway or at the base of a bed.

The storage area is large enough to hold a blanket throw.

Not bad for a $2 investment! A little more for the paint, fabric and padding, but still a great little bench for not a lot of money.

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