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Pretty Piano Bench

I am so far behind in posting projects! Mostly because we are cranking them out lately—and fortunately, they are selling pretty quickly in the shop! Something to be thankful for in these trying times!

Most of the auction companies in our area have stopped altogether or gone to online auctions. Oh how I long for the days I could actually go to an auction and look things over and go toe to toe with another bidder. With online bidding, you can't even see who you are bidding against! I like to stare 'em down. Unfortunately sometimes I end up bidding against my friends—which I would never do at an in-person auction—well, unless I really wanted it! I picked this cute little piano bench up at an online auction. It was a little rough all over, particularly on the top where the veneer was coming off in multiple places.

This bench could be used in a couple ways. As a bench of course, and it has some storage under the seat—maybe you could hide your valuables there. It was also small enough and just the right height to be used as a side table, which the storage feature is a plus as well! You could store your remotes, hide your phone while charging, store some snacks....

The veneer was in rough shape so we decided to see what was under it.

The wood was really pretty so all the veneer was pried off and it was sanded down using various grits of sandpaper (from 60 through 150) to get it to a smooth finish. We then applied a beautiful stain called "Americana". It gave it a really rich look.

For the base, we painted it with a "chalky finish" paint from Lowe's. I have misplaced the paint chip so I don't recall what the color was but it was this gorgeous green color. We hadn't used this paint before and we were pleased with the coverage and the finish. It is nice to have a wide selection of colors. They can mix any color in the "chalky finish". We distressed it and added a coat of Varathane Crystal Clear Polyurethane in the satin finish.

We reattached the lid to the bench and it was ready to go!

We staged it as a side table in the booth. It sold within a couple of weeks! Yay!

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