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Primitive Chest

This pandemic has changed the way we do so many things. I used to frequent auctions multiple times per week. The pandemic has forced many of them to go with online only auctions. Although I am thankful there are still auctions to buy inventory for the shop, not being able to really inspect the items can pose problems.

This chest is indicative of that. Although it is super solid, I bought from just looking a one photo online. When I picked it up, the lid was not attached, in fact, the hinges were torn off taking most of the wood with them. And there was an angled chunk out of the lid. I may have bid on this at a live auction, but I probably would not have paid as much as I did for this. But it's mine now. So you make lemonade out of lemons. Just add a little vodka to mine!

After cleaning the entire piece with Krud Kutter, I painted the base of the trunk with Folk Art black chalk paint.

I distressed it and used Rustoleum poly sealant in the Matte finish.

The lid definitely needed work. I thought I could repair it, but I really don't have the tools necessary to do it well. I had planned on upholstering the lid so I saved the old lid for another project and cut a piece of plywood for a new lid.

I added new foam to the lid, upholstered it with Buffalo plaid fabric and used the cream portion of the Buffalo plaid fabric to cover the buttons. I thought the cream would be a nice contrast to the area of fabric they would fall on the lid.

Since the lid was plain plywood, I used dust cover fabric on the inside of the lid to cover the plywood.

So I was able to transform something that was kind of a wreck into something beautiful. This is a fantastic storage piece. It is huge and it has a small area sectioned off inside for smaller items. I think it is just beautiful!

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