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Proper to Primitive Porch Table

It's almost Spring!!! It is warming up here in Indiana. We have had a few days reach the 50 degree mark and next week it is supposed to hit 60! It has been so nice to spend some time outside and to feel the sun on my face! Of course it makes me start to think of flowers and spring decorating.

I found this cute little table at a garage sale last summer. It looked like it held a place in a properly fancy living room at some point in its life.

It was only $2 so of course it went in the back of my Jeep. I mean, come on, would you pass this up if it was only $2? I don't think so!

It was really scratched and beaten up. I loved the lines of it though. It also had a tiny little drawer that originally held—an ashtray—ick!

The ashtray was no longer with it, but that is perfectly fine with me. I typically don't sell ashtrays, so I knew it could be repurposed.

I thought it would look cute on a porch with flowers on it so I painted it with Waverly Chalk Paint in the Celery color. I gave it two coats. I knew I was going to heavily distress it so I didn't care it every inch was completely covered.

I used a rough sandpaper and I sanded the heck out of it. I wanted it to look like the paint had been on there for years and had naturally worn off over time.

I coated the entire piece with Varathane Crystal Clear Polyurethane in and Exterior Satin Finish. I wanted this to be able to withstand the weather if it was outside on a porch.

The original knob for the drawer was a simple wooden knob. Part of it had broken off so I discarded it. I found this cute little watering can drawer pull in my stash. What a perfect knob for this. I was afraid it would be too tall for the drawer, but it fit perfectly!

I did a quick dry brush of the celery colored paint on the knob. Again, I wanted it to look like it had been haphazardly painted a long time ago.

The hole in the drawer was the perfect spot to add a potted plant. I think I could go a little larger with the clay pot. I love the pink flowers in contrast to the green paint.

Now it is ready for any porch! A perfect little place to display plants or rest a beverage.

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