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Smoking Stand-out

I purchased a group of three smoking stands a couple of years ago. I have upcycled two out of the three already. One of them was featured on the blog already. You can see that project here. I didn't feature the first project. Frankly, it sold as fast as I put it in the shop so I didn't write it up. This particular project has sold already as well, but I really loved how it turned out.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this one. It was pretty dirty so I began by cleaning it.

This bottom shelf had paper stuck to it. I tried to let it soak and hoped it would just come off. That didn't work. I sprayed it again and used a piece of 150 grit sandpaper to try to get the paper off.

That worked! I actually really liked how it looked once it was clean with a bit of sanding.

So I started cleaning and sanding all over the piece. I loved the bits of the natural wood peeking through with the remnants of the green paint. My friend Tiffany calls this color Grandma Green because you would always see this color in your grandma's house! By the way, she is an awesome antique dealer, so give her a follow on Instagram @vintgaecottageantiques. I worked the piece until satisfied with the overall effect. I used Varathane Crystal Clear polyurethane in the satin finish to seal the piece.

I replaced the wooden painted knob with a glass knob from my stash.

Although I didn't have a plan for a specific color when I started this piece, it clearly told me that it didn't need a coat of new paint at all—just a good cleaning and a little sanding.

I was really pleased with how this turned out. It took less than an hour overall to take this from drab to dynamite! It tucks into any corner and is a good home for these crocks. I think the glass knob gives just a touch of glam.

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