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Tale of a Three Legged Table

Soooo.....did I ever tell you about the three legged table I bought? To be fair, I didn't know it only had three legs when I bought it. I was at an auction and this table was against a wall at the back. I hadn't looked at it because I was interested in another piece of furniture (I can only haul so much furniture in my SUV). Well, I didn't get the piece I had my eye on and then this came up and they only had a $3 bid on it. I raised my hand and no one else bid against me and I got it. Frankly, I was shocked. It was a cute table. Then I went to move it to place it near the other things I bought. And that's when I discovered why it was such a good deal. One of the legs was broken—and the broken piece wasn't there. Crap. It wouldn't stand up at all. I dragged it to my workshop and tripped over it again and again for months. I wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. After I tripped over it for the millionth time, I grabbled the saw and cut off the other three legs at the same point as the broken one. So my "before" photo is really "after" I cut off the remaining legs.

This is the broken leg. I trimmed the portion just below the flared area. It was the same location I had trimmed the other three legs. The wobble was gone.

I thought maybe it would work as a coffee table, but it was too short. After letting it set for a couple more months, I decided to make it a foot stool. I removed the table top and saved it. I will use it on another project.

I cleaned the wood. I didn't want to paint it, the patina is beautiful on this piece. It was scratched in a few places though. I used Restor-A-Finish on the wood and I think it did a beautiful job with covering up the scratches.

I cut a piece of 1/4" plywood to fit the top of the table.

I knew I wanted to use a covered button to tuft the footstool so I drilled two small holes near the middle of the board.

This is the drawer that was in the table. I really liked the headboard in the bottom of the drawer. I used that as inspiration for the fabric.

I used this taupe and cream striped canvas. I added foam and batting and tacked the fabric in the center on each side, stretching the fabric taut. I positioned the fabric so one of the taupe stripes was in the center.

I began pulling and stapling from each edge in the center out to the corners, constantly turning it over to ensure the lines were straight.

I used a button kit with the cream portion of the fabric to add a tufted button to the upholstered seat. I really liked the contrast.

I attached the upholstered top to the base using the same screw holes that held on the tabletop.

So the tale of the three legged table ends with the start of a new life as a footstool. I put it in my booth at Pipe Creek Mercantile in Peru, IN. It didn't last a week. So not only am I no longer tripping on it in my workspace, it isn't taking up space in my booth either. Win, win.

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