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Blue Velvet

This is a tale of two blues (well actually, three). Blue is a pretty color, but I'll be honest, it's not my favorite color for furniture. Probably because it isn't really a color I would put in my own home decor, but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty. We just had to find the right one for this little vanity bench, which I had picked up at a garage sale last summer.

The first blue (velvet) is the original fabric of this bench. This fabric was still in pretty good shape, a little dated, but not bad. However, I like to put fresh fabric on my projects so it had to go.

I always find it interesting how many layers of fabric are on a piece. This one had this classic MCM green nubby fabric as one of the layers—cool to look at, but ultimately dirty and gross—which is why I like to put fresh fabric on my projects.

This is the second blue—Folk Art Provencial Blue Chalk Paint. This blue was bright with a capital B. For me, it was a bit much. I let it dry for a while to see if it would darken a bit when it dried—it didn't—so it was time for the third blue.

I sprayed the chair with Rusto-leum Chalked Spray Paint in the Coastal Blue color. This one was much more toned down than the previous blue, and it matched my fabric perfectly. I think I can work with this.

I love canvas striped ticking fabric. And it comes in so many colors, like this blue and white striped fabric. I'm not counting it as a fourth blue, because it matched the paint perfectly. New foam and batting is always a must as well.

After the seat was reupholstered, it was reattached to the base. Sometimes I use new screws because the old ones can be really rusty!

These small benches are quick and easy to do. Perfect for first time upcyclers! Any stool or bench where you can remove the top is an easy makeover.

And while I wouldn't necessarily put it in my home, it's available in my booth at The Standard in Bourbon, Indiana!

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