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127 2022 Official Day One

If the thousands of yard sales, yard sale signs don't give you a clue that the 2022 127 yard sale (the world's longest yard sale) is officially on, the thousands of cars and shoppers carrying treasures to their vehicles will alert you to the fact that something is definitely going on!

We arrived at the origin point early this morning. We had covered some of this territory the afternoon before, but we saw a couple of new signs in this area so we pulled up and jumped out to see what they had to offer.

This vintage lucite purse caught my eye right away! It needs a new lining, but the $1 price tag made me snap it up!

We also snagged this "Poultry of the World" print. I don't think it is particularly old, but I really love it!

I'm not even sure what this is, but it caught our eye. Stay tuned to see what we do with it!

We also picked up this frame for an upholstered bench. I vowed to not pick up a bunch of project pieces on this trip (because I have so many stacked up already). But as my God-daughter said, it's already chippy, it just needs some fabric, so it's practically done.... um, okay, let's go with that justifications! LOL.

And all of the above was just at the first sale!

So we moved on down the road where I picked up this pottery pitcher...

and when I asked how much this cutie was, she said, "that old thing? I'll throw that it for free." Yikes! Love it.

Oh and I bought this cute little crock bowl at the same sale.

This green table was calling my name and when the seller said, you can put that on your porch and cut your watermelons on it. Well he had me at hello. It had two chairs with it (that didn't go with it), and I didn't want those so I was able to squeeze a good deal on it.

I had to lug this Louisville Pottery #6 pottery crock for a distance back to the car, but I think she's worth it, don't you?

We are all friends here so I will share one of my obsessions with you—things with clovers/shamrocks (someone messaged me a couple of years ago and decided they needed to school me about the difference—whatev...). I like when people share their knowledge with me. I don't like it when they are snooty about ti. This pitcher— I love. This one won't be resold. I will have to find a place for it in my home.

Rooster salt & pepper shakers that are also a cream/sugar set? Yes, please!

This gorgeous vase doesn't have a maker's mark, but it is stunning in person.

There are some sellers you remember from year to year. These three Currier & Ives prints came from a very nice older gentleman we have visited for years. He is so nice and you just want to buy something from him! I was happy to purchase these from him today.

This "Ballerina" print by Edgar Degas its so sweet and it came with these vintage ballet slippers.

This single snow shoe will become Christmas decor in a couple months...

And these metal shoes have shoe store names on the bottom. I actually bought three of them but the other one was buried in my stash.

I don't take photos of every single thing I buy, just the highlights. This tin litho lunch pail was one of many things I bought at one sale. I bet I bought 30 items at that sale including a Bakelite backgammon set, some automobile bud vases, a plethora of flower frogs and several other items. The sellers so kindly wrapped and packed it all in a box, I didn't want to unwrap it to take a photo. I snapped this while I was organizing the van this evening.

That's a wrap on another day. The van is reorganized to accommodate all the treasures we will find tomorrow (gotta put those positive vibes out in the world).

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