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"Deco" Lamp

I came across this lamp at yard(?) sale. It was actually in the parking lot of our local roller rink. There was no price on anything. Usually, I will walk away because unpriced merchandise is one of my pet peeves. I saw this lamp and was interested. It is super tall and is a giant chunk of plaster.

I have no idea how this was originally decorated.

I have tried to look this up online, but I haven't found anything with a similar mark.

Back to my story...I was annoyed because there was no price, but I liked it. I asked for the price from the girl taking money and she said it was the other girl's who wasn't there right now and she didn't know (which is one reason you should always price the item). The girl (she was probably 16 or 17) said she was sure her friend would take $5 for it. I told her that it needed rewiring and clearly needed a lot of work. Her friend showed up and confirmed that $5 was the price. I told them I might stop by the next day. If someone had scooped it up for $5 then it would be my loss. As I was walking away they asked what I would pay. I told them $1 on this because it needed so much work. They took it. I will always pay a fair price, but it has to be relative to how much work I have to put into it!

I lugged it home not sure what I was going to do with it and then I remembered I had purchased this tissue paper at TJMaxx a while back.

It was on the clearance rack and I loved it. I wish they had more than one package. I have tried to find it online and have not had any luck at all... :(

I cut the tissue paper into small pieces and used Mod Podge to apply it to the lamp.

It didn't matter if they overlapped. The passport stamps looked great overlapping with one another.

I painted the base black as well as the connector parts for the lamp. I bought a replacement lamp kit and rewired it. It is really easy! Every package has step by step directions.

I added this old lamp shade. I was going to sell it in the shop, but it is currently residing in my bedroom. I just love how it turned out.

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