Cooking up Christmas

I have Christmas trees all over my home. This is my kitchen tree. I have some ornaments and some vintage items I have made into ornaments.

For the base, I put my woodland tree into this bucket from an old ice cream maker. I took the base off of the tree, put it through the hole in the bottom of the bucket and inserted the tree back into the base. It worked great!

For the ornaments, I have collected a variety of items.

An old Kroger coffee measuring cup.

An old funnel.

A Fiesta creamer.

A couple of Easy Bake oven muffin tins and a toy spatula.

Some toy egg beaters, a tiny cookie cutter, a toy juicer and a tiny cream jar.

These are a couple of my favorite. Miniature Tupperware strainer and bowl. These were keychains offered by Tupperware at one time.

Little creamer pottery pieces and toothpick holders.

Toy utensils.

I think this little bucket held some thread. but it now hangs on my kitchen tree.

I have little rolling pins of all sizes. The smallest one was used as a promo piece that held sewing needles.

How cute is that?

Frankly, the ornaments have taken over the tree. I need to edit and weed out the ones that are not my favorites.

I have a tiny little pot holder for the tree topper.

This is the tree when it is decorated. A lot overstuffed, but I love it. I don't have room for a taller tree so I guess I need to purge....

Here's hoping you and your family are having a fantastic holiday season!

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