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Bee-utiful Makeover

Yard sale season is upon us! Yard sales, auctions and estate sales are all great places to pick up project furniture. Inspect pieces to ensure all the pieces are there, but don't let an ugly finish, tattered or dirty fabric or a little wobbliness keep you from buying the piece. I picked this chair up from an estate sale last November. I really liked the detail of the wood. Kind of reminds me of the Twisted Sisters project from last year. The fabric was worn and in definite need of replacement.

Look at all that twisty goodness on this chair! Amazing detail! It was a tiny bit wobbly, but a little glue will fix that. The seat was attached with screws so I removed the seat to remove the fabric. It is easier to do that than to try to wield the chair around your workspace.

This one was a mess. Under the fabric was jute webbing, springs, straw and a whole lotta dirt. Allergy alert!!!!. All of it went into the trash can and I was left with the frame of the seat.

I added new upholstery jute webbing.

I had removed the fabric and padding from the back of the chair as well. I replaced the jute webbing to the back of the chair.

Before I started reupholstering, I used Restor-a-Finish on the chair. It brings wood back to life. It really made this chair shine.

Yard sales are also a great place to pick up upholstery foam and batting. I am sure someone purchased this for a project at some point. I was happy to pick it up this high density foam for $2 at a yard sale. I used it for the seat of the chair.

I had this cute bee fabric in my stash. I had used it on two other projects: a long narrow bench which can be seen here, and a cute metal stool that can be seen here. The background color is a very soft pink. I think this fabric complemented this wood very well.

On the back of the chair, I needed to cover the edge of the fabric and the staples, so I added this trim. I used fabric glue to attach the trim. I use straight pins to hold the trim in place while the glue is drying. I usually let it dry for at least 24 hours before pulling the pins.

I am so pleased with the end result! The fabric is really a nice addition to the chair. From a distance, it looks like a traditional fabric. I love the whimsy of the fabric is hidden until you see it up close.

This chair looks great in a formal or a casual setting. It looks great next to this primitive smoking stand and crocks! This would be a great addition to any room in a home.

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